Self-delivery πŸ›΅


April 5, 2022


Marketing Associate

Wolt is here and we come bearing some news! 🀩 If you're not completely new to Wolt, you might have seen some of our couriers moving around someplace. πŸ‘€ In Pezinok and Modra, though, we've planned it a bit differently. So what does self-delivery mean? πŸ€” In the simplest terms it just means that your order will be delivered by the venue's own staff, and not by a Wolt courier. When you open a venue's profile, you'll see an orange title that says β€œlimited delivery tracking available”. If you click on it, you can find some tips there on how the whole delivery will go on. Before you order, please make sure you've input your credit card in your Wolt profile πŸ’³ - it's not gonna work without it, but we're continuously working on bringing cash payment as well. After placing your order, you'll see the estimated delivery time ⏰ and another notification will come once the order leaves the venue and is on its way to you! πŸš— This is when it becomes all about the venue and making sure they deliver your goodies safely. To make that happen, we have to provide your contact info and address to them, but don't worry, your privacy is safe and sound. πŸ™Œ If you have any questions or you would need to change something in your order or delivery address, please don't hesitate to contact our amazing support team via Profile > Quicks links > Support. πŸ¦Έβ€β™€ Happy wolting! πŸ’™