Hey there, Pezinok & Modra!


April 4, 2022


Yayks, we're so happy to be here, Pezinok and Modra. We call you twin cities, because you're so close together. 💙 You can only see the name Pezinok in the app, but rest assured, anyone from Modra can order here too! 💪 Wolt’s a startup from Finland - food delivery app partnering with the yummiest restaurants in town. We were founded back in 2014, when the crazy journey had only began. Since then, in our quest to spread food and joy around the world we’ve travelled to more than 22 countries, which were joined by Slovakia in 2019. And now we are in Pezinok and Modra. Yay! With Wolt, you can easily discover the greatest food and stores in your city. Our restaurant selection is carefully curated to give you as large selection as possible. It's very important to us that you have a great experience when using Wolt and our awarded app, therefore, don't hesitate to write us whenever you have any feedback for us. For more info about us check out the other articles. Have a blast, happy wolting! 🚲 Wolt team