We're changing how you see discounts 👀👇đŸŧ


May 18, 2023


Marketing Associate

The discount will be applied at checkout point. 💸

As you know, we do make some changes from time to time in order to improve our services for you. 💙 Our latest change concerns discounts. Until now, you could see the discounts right next to specific products, the discounted price was red and the original price was crossed out. From now on, you will see the discount in a banner as soon as you click on a venue's profile. If you click on a given banner, you will also learn more about the conditions of the discount. 😉 That way you'll know until when is the discount valid, whether it applies for the entire menu or for specific products. The second change is that the discounted price itself will only be shown and deducted in the last step of your order - at the checkout. Of course that is assuming that you have met the conditions of the discount. 🙌đŸŧ Enjoy your day and happy ordering. 😋