To najlepšie z Apenínskeho polostrova rovno k Vám domov.

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Panini Prosciutto San Daniele 310g


Panini Salame Milano 310g


Panini Salame Ventricina Picante (310g)


Panini Salame Golfetta (310g)


Panini Pancetta Arrotolata (310g)

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Panini Prosciutto Cotto Praga (310g)


Panini Mortadella Pistacchio (310g)


MENU Panini Prosciutto San Daniele (340g)


MENU Panini Salame Milano (340g)


MENU Panini Salame Ventricina Picante (340g)


MENU Panini Salame Golfetta (340g)


MENU Panini Pancetta Arrotolata (340g)


MENU Panini Prosciutto Cotto Praga (340g)


MENU Panini Mortadella Pistacchio (340g)

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