You probably have lots of questions, so here are some answers to the most common ones! 💙

Frequently asked questions and answers


March 20, 2023

Senči z Woltu 💙

Marketing Intern

In order to make you an expert of Wolt, below we’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions and answers. ⭐ Ready, set, go! 💬 When is Wolt open? Each venue's opening times differ. Below you'll find the most common times, but you can make sure which venue opens when by going to their profile and clicking on "More info". Mo-Su: 09:00 - 23:00 Opening hours can vary between restaurants but you can see each restaurant's opening hours by pressing “More info” when you're visiting a restaurant in the app! You may also choose to make an order up to a week in advance by scheduling it for later! 🥡 💬 What's a token and what's a credit? Credits deduct a discount from the financial sum that you'd pay for your order and tokens deduct the delivery fee. One token = one base delivery fee (1,49€). You can acquire credits and tokens by entering promo codes that you'll find in our app, social media or in any other of our comms! They are deducted automatically (unless you uncheck the option) and we'll always deduct the credits/tokens whose validity is the shortest. 💬 What’s a referral code? A referral code is your own code that you share with your friends that are new to Wolt in order to grant you both free credits to use at Wolt. Go to your profile and press “Earn Wolt credits”. Here you can see and share your code! Your friends will receive 6€ in Wolt-credits to use for their next 3 orders. When they make their first order, your account will be automatically credited 2€ to use for ordering food, when they make one more, you’ll get another 2€, and so on… Remember, the more friends you invite, the more credits you’re likely to get! Sky’s the limit! 💪 💬 What the smallest basket value? Each venue has a different minimum basket value, but you can find it by entering the venue's profile. 🙌 💬 How do I enter/update my delivery address? Easily! - Go to the section "Profile" - Scroll to section "Settings" and click on “My Adresses” - Add a new address or choose the one you’d like to use. - Enter a new address or choose an address that you want to update - Enter the information and in "Other instruction for the courier" enter additional info if needed - Click "Save address" It's super important to make sure that your address and instructions are clear and up to date. It helps us find you easier and quicker. Of course, you can have multiple addresses in your profile and switch between them as you need. 💬 Which payment methods can I use? Currently you can use your credit or debit card, Ticket Restaurant card, Google Pay (Android), Apple Pay (iOS), and also cash to pay at Wolt. We are constantly working on integrating further payment methods. 💬 How do I use a promo code? - Go to the section "Profile" - Scroll down to section "Quick links" and click on "Enter promo code" - Then simply enter the code and click "Submit" There, easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 🍋 💬 Can I order on Wolt without delivery? Yes! You can place an order and mark it as takeaway, then once it's ready you can easily pick it up in the venue. If you haven't received an answer to your question, feel free to contact our lovely customer support by going to your Profile > Quick links and clicking on “Customer support” right there, great, huh?! They'll reply within a minute. 💙