Pop's Place

Burger Bar with locally sourced beef, aged in house, and custom blended


Asian-Style chicken wings

Our own marinated and twice-cooked wings in a sticky sweet Asian sauce



Possible to order with a gluten-free bun!

All burgers begin with 100% grass-fed Slovenian beef sourced from selected farms, which is aged in-house up to 30 days. Every one of the burgers is made from hand-selected and custom blended beef every day by restaurant staff. All of the burgers are cooked Medium.

The Boss

200 g custom beef blend, Grilled Onion Marmalade, English Stilton, savoury truffle aioli, signature brioche bun



Jack Ryan Burger

The Jack Ryan Burger commemorates Jack's visit to Pop's Place in the new Tom Clancy novel "Line of Sight". It's a bold & spicy burger just like Jack! Aged beef, Cheddar cheese, chipotle aioli, pickled jalapeños, crispy onion ring, sliced onion. Hot!



Dirty Mac

Our interpretation of the other "Mac", you know which one! Dry-aged double beef patties (200 g), Cheddar cheese, Special sauce and our homemade pickles


Silverton Burger

200 g custom beef blend, crispy onions, Cheddar cheese, cured Slovenian bacon, house-made BBQ sauce on a signature brioche bun


Bacon Cheese Burger

200 g of custom beef blend, Maple - Bacon jam, aged English Cheddar, Special sauce on a signature brioche bun



Pop's Original Burger

200 g of Custom beef blend, English Stilton, sliced apple and our secret Thousand Island sauce on signature brioche bun.


Chicken Sandwich

Katsu - style Panko fried chicken, marinated in herbs and buttermilk, our own "ranch" dressing and lettuce on a signature brioche bun


Original California Classic

200 g custom beef blend, secret Thousand Island sauce, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and fresh homemade pickles on a signature brioche bun




Classic Ceasar's Salad

With Crispy Panko Chicken, Made with Romaine lettuce, New York inspired salad dressing recipe and shaved Parmesan cheese



BBQ spare ribs

Traditional slow-cooked smoked barbecue pork ribs in a style that was made famous in Kansas City. Prepared with secret sweet & smoky BBQ sauce made in house. A taste of true Southern barbecue



Country Style French Fries



Potatoes with herbs and Parmesan cheese


Crispy Sweet Potato Fries with sea salt



La Bomba cookie (150 g)

Cookie with pieces of chocolate, caramel, Pecan nuts and Piran salt


Burger Bar with locally sourced beef, aged in house, and custom blended

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