Wolt at Work

Afterwork pizzas? Meeting snacks? Energy boost for late-night work sessions? Done, done, and done. Wolt at Work makes it trivially easy for everyone at your company to discover and get great food.

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Wolt at Work – what is it?

With our corporate service Wolt at Work, you can save time and make office dining easy and fast. Choose from a wide selection of great restaurants and make orders up to a week in advance. We’ll invoice your business directly. There are no starting costs or minimum order amounts to worry about.

Why Wolt at Work?

The same friendly user experience

Ordering is as easy as ordering Wolt to your home. You can use your existing Wolt account or create a new one if you haven't used Wolt before. Just select your company as the payment method during checkout, and we’ll invoice your organization at the end of the month.

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