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    Woltilla löydät ja tilaat herkullista ruokaa

    Tutki kaupungin parhaita ruokalistoja ja tilaa ateria kotiin, toimistolle, mukaan tai pöytään. Yli 1 000 ravintolaa Suomessa, Ruotsissa, Tanskassa, Virossa, Latviassa ja Liettuassa.

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    Our story

    We believe in challenging the status quo of how people discover food.

    Craving for that halloumi pita from the place a few blocks away? Getting delivery to your office from that sweet sushi joint? Needing inspiration on where you can pick up the best fresh tacos in town?

    Wolt is here for you. We believe in challenging the status quo of how people discover and get great food. We connect restaurants with hungry customers and enable our courier partners to earn flexibly. We hire the smartest of doers and, together with them, make your city a better place.

    What is more, we give you back some of your precious time. You probably eat 2–5 times every day. Let Wolt handle every meal for you, and you’ll have more hours in your week for the things you really want to do.

    Today, whether you have a craving for your favourite meal from the restaurant around the corner, or you’re hungry but not sure what you want to eat, Wolt will help you find it.


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