Attention all doers

    It ain’t easy explaining working at Wolt. It’s the ambitious, yet humble people. It’s the doer culture. The heart. The attention to detail and data. The addictive hypergrowth. It’s a ride you might want to learn more about.

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    Take our word for it

    "I don't feel like I'm going to work"

    Without too much warning, we grabbed some of our people aside at an off-site. The question we asked: How do you like working at Wolt?

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    It’s time, my friend

    15+ countries. 350+ people. 3,500+ restaurants. 10 000+ courier partners.  And we’re just getting started. Joining Wolt’s growth adventure now could be your personal record in well-timed decisions.

    Humble brag alert

    Why we're rated 4,8/5 on the App Store

    It seems that people like Wolt's Apple-awarded app, our emphasis on premium restaurants, and our loving customer support. Restaurants and couriers say they go with us because we help them make a living, and because we care.

    Stunning people from 30+ cultures

    Sure, our CEO is on the Forbes 30-under-30 list, and our investors include Skype and Supercell founders. However, our home are our 15+ cozy offices, and our heart are our 350+ smart and kind people – of 30+ nationalities.

    It took us 4 years to learn how to do this

    Wolt is a technology and operations company with one goal: to build something lasting, and do it right from the ground up. This idea flows through everything we do, and it's the reason for Wolt's cities now growing faster than ever.

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    Honey, we’re not cooking tonight

    Put Wolt’s Apple-awarded app on your home screen and you’ll get to choose from 4,000+ restaurants in 40+ cities around Europe. Discover the best meals around you, brought to you.

    multiple phones with our app on screen