Make money when you want


What’s a Wolt courier partner?

As a Wolt courier partner, you earn money by delivering food from restaurants to people’s homes. Deliver in the evenings, for a few hours during lunches – or whenever you feel like it.

What couriers say

"It's active and dynamic. The payment system is good, fair, and fast."

For those who want freedom and flexibility

You'll be your own boss

Book your hours beforehand for guaranteed earnings, or jump in whenever you want to make money per delivery. Freedom and flexibility? Check.

Get control over your earnings

You decide how much money you make. You earn more for delivering more. Longer deliveries bring in more cash. All tips are yours to keep.

Scooter, car, bike – you decide!

You can do Wolt deliveries if you have a bike, a car, or a scooter. You should also have your insurance. Learn more about these at our onboarding!

A courier app that just works 

The Wolt Partner App makes your life with Wolt easy. It gives you clear live updates on where you can pick up next meals and how much you’ve earned.

Ready to become a Wolt courier partner?

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