Wolt help and support

The Most Common Questions


If you have a food-related allergy that could harm your health, please contact the restaurant before making the order. You can find the restaurant’s contact information from the restaurant’s info page. This way you can be sure that the restaurant knows about your allergy and can prepare the food according to your needs. You will also be notified if the restaurant isn’t able to prepare the dish and inform you of other options better suited to your dietary restrictions. Wolt is a platform that lists the descriptions of the dishes with information provided by the restaurants. The restaurants themselves are the best resources for answering questions about the exact ingredients used in their food and how they prepare their dishes.We are always here to help you to get in touch with the restaurant. You can contact us through the in-app chat.

Delivery takes too long?

Common reasons for delayed deliveries are rush in the restaurant or rush with Wolt delivery. We automatically adjust our time estimates based on actual times.

Some items in my order are missing or wrong!

Contact our support and we'll fix this. Sometimes restaurants or couriers make mistakes. We do whatever we can to fix every human error.


The app didn't take my credits into account?

The iOS app has a blue confirmation screen which repeats the basic order facts, such as the total sum. We always use your credits if the order can use them. Some credits are valid for delivery orders only.

My order was rejected but you're still keeping my money?

We have made a "credit charge" from your account which does not mean that the money is gone – it unfortunately means that until your bank releases the charge, you're not able to use it. The duration of the charge depends on your bank, Wolt tells them to release it immediately.

Did you charge something from my card when I added it?

It's a 1,00 € credit charge we use to determine whether your card works or not. It's released immediately, which means you do not lose any money with this operation.

Delivery & Takeaway

The courier is going in the wrong place!

What you see on the map is the actual location of the Wolt courier. Some Wolt deliveries are bundled, which means that your address might not be the first destination for the courier. We bundle deliveries only when it makes sense, and it is rare that you would have to wait extra time because of it.

Where is the driver? App says "soon" or "delivered" but it isn't here.

Estimates are predictions, not exact times. However, you can always follow the courier's progress on the map on top of the progress time.

iOS & Android Apps

Are the apps exactly the same? My friend's app is a little bit different.

The iOS and Android apps are both hand-crafted with care and sometimes features become available first on one platform, and later on the other. The main functionality is almost the same.

Contact Support

If you didn’t find a suitable answer in our FAQ above, please feel free to contact us directly right away: