Become a Wolt Courier 

… and help us deliver great food every day! 🛵 🚲 🚗 💨

Pick up great food from restaurants and deliver them to hungry customers in your city! 🍴🥡🧁🍕🍝🍔🥟🥗

Use our app to receive and accept orders, book your shifts and track your earnings in real time.

What we offer

Good salary

💰 Fair wages: we pay per delivery and per distance traveled - this means you can earn more money by completing more deliveries.

🕑 When it’s less busy, we offer guaranteed payment based on an hourly rate.

💵 We enable our customers to easily tip you through our app.


📅 We respect your preferences for scheduling your weekly working hours, based on your contractually agreed hours.

🙌 We offer the employment contract that works best for you (student job, part-time, full-time) including contractual benefits such as sick leave, paid vacation, and health insurance. Please note that we currently don't offer "minijob" contracts.


🤝 Our amazing support team always has your back

⛑️ Get high-quality gear such as protective and seasonal clothing, delivery bags, phone holders, face masks, hand sanitizers, helmets

What we expect

  • you speak German and/or English very well
  • you are willing to work on Sundays
  • you are a EU citizen or have at least 6 months remaining on your work permit for Germany
  • you are dependable and friendly towards customers

What you need

  • a smartphone (iOS / Android) that supports our Wolt Partner app 📱
  • a roadworthy vehicle (bicycle, scooter or car) and a valid driving license when using motorized vehicles 🛵 🚲 🚗

About Wolt 💙

Wolt is a Helsinki-based technology start-up known for our food delivery platform, operating in 23 countries and in over 100 cities. Sign up today and join our multi-national and diverse team in Germany! 

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