Le Plaisir Kulinariya Ganjlik

Satisfying the highest demands of gourmet and simply people with good taste

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AZN 3.60

Veneqret Salatı 200 qr

1 pcAZN 3.60/pc
AZN 6.00

Badımcan Salatı (Mayonez ilə) 200 qr

1 pcAZN 6.00/pc
AZN 4.60

Kus-Kus Salatı 200 qr

1 pcAZN 4.60/pc
AZN 5.40

Qarğıdalı Salatı 200 qr

1 pcAZN 5.40/pc
AZN 3.20

Koreysayağı Kök Salatı 200 qr

1 pcAZN 3.20/pc
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AZN 4.40

Mimoza 200 qr

1 pcAZN 4.40/pc
AZN 7.25

Qril Tərəvəz Salatı 200 qr

1 pcAZN 7.25/pc
AZN 5.00

Toyuq Salatı Mayonez ilə 200 qr

1 pcAZN 5.00/pc
  • Sold out
AZN 4.00

Çuğundur Salatı - 200 qr

1 pcAZN 4.00/pc

Following its inception, Le Plaisir Bakery has become a favorite destination for lovers of bakes and sweets in Baku. Our mission is satisfying the highest demands of gourmet and simply people with good taste. The distinguishing features of our confectionery are the use of only natural and organic ingredients, continuous improvement of product quality as well as the original recipes of our pastry chef Dinara Zhuyina.


Nesimi district, Ceyhun Hacibeyli street 133

AZ1007 Baku

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