Viva Dessert R. Behbudov

“VIVA” Guarantees Quality! ....From the Heart!


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AZN 1.90

Pakhlava with Walnut (1 pc)

AZN 1.80

Pakhlava with Almond (1 pc)

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AZN 1.70

Shekerbura (1 pc)

In September 2011, confectionery boutiques "VIVA" opened their doors in the center of Baku. For today under the brand "VIVA" a wide assortment of confectionery products of different countries, as well as eastern sweets, are produced. Сonfectionery house offer varieties of Belgian chocolate and fragrant teas. The production uses the synthesis of classical recipes of European pastry and modern technologies, which allows you to create confectionery masterpieces with a unique taste and exquisite design.

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Rashid Behbudov str. 46

AZ1000 Baku

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