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The best jelly and chocolate candies 🍬

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  • Popular
CZK 6.00

Malé jahody

7 gCZK 857.14/kg
CZK 25.00

Velká cola

30 gCZK 833.33/kg
CZK 25.00

Sladká žabka

30 gCZK 833.33/kg
CZK 25.00

Korzárova snídaně

30 gCZK 833.33/kg
CZK 4.50

Mystické zuby

5 gCZK 900.00/kg
  • Popular
CZK 8.00


9 gCZK 888.89/kg
CZK 6.00


7 gCZK 857.14/kg
CZK 17.00


20 gCZK 850.00/kg
CZK 28.00


33 gCZK 848.48/kg
CZK 7.00


8 gCZK 875.00/kg

At Captain Candy, you will always find only best-quality bonbons, candy and sweets. We take a huge care about our candies at our original stores for you to find only the most fresh and fluffy candy. The same goes for our e-commerce orders. Freshness and quality are our main principles. Candy from our store makes for a great present that can easily be delivered with a personal note.

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