Bio potraviny Marama

Fairtrade groceries from local producers. Meat, fresh vegetables, bakery and everything you could need in the kitchen.

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CZK 199.00

Krůta na slanině 600g, Expres Menu

600 gCZK 331.67/kg
CZK 162.00

Koprovka s vejci 600g Expres Menu

600 gCZK 270.00/kg
CZK 185.00

Kuřecí po zahradnicku 600g Expres Menu

600 gCZK 308.33/kg
  • 4 left
CZK 279.00

Španělský ptáček 600g Expres Menu

600 gCZK 465.00/kg
  • 2 left
CZK 249.00

Svíčková na smetaně 600g Expres Menu

600 gCZK 415.00/kg
  • 1 left
CZK 105.00

Zelňačka s klobásou 600g Expres Menu

600 gCZK 175.00/kg
CZK 235.00

Boloňská omáčka 600g

600 gCZK 391.67/kg
  • 1 left
CZK 131.00

Boršč 600g Expres menu

600 gCZK 218.33/kg
CZK 185.00

Kuře na paprice 600g Expres Menu

600 gCZK 308.33/kg
  • 2 left
CZK 232.00

Hovězí guláš 600g Expres menu

600 gCZK 386.67/kg
  • 2 left
CZK 255.00

Rajská omáčka s hovězím masem 600g Expres menu

600 gCZK 425.00/kg
CZK 199.00

Segedínský guláš 600g Expres menu

600 gCZK 331.67/kg
CZK 235.00

Butter chicken 600g Expres Menu

600 gCZK 391.67/kg

We offer our customers honest products mainly from farmers and local producers. Our goal is that the food you buy here does not contain any harmful substances, no harmful ingredients and is made by people who respect the principles of honest production, tradition and environmental protection.


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