Oji Long Knochenhauerstr.

There's always time for sushi! 🥢


all sushi menus are served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger

240. Salmon Love Menu

2x nigiri sake 6x maki sake 8x sake inside-out 1x mixed salad


241. Big Popeye Menu

2x nigiri inari 6x veggie crunchy rolls 1x mixed salad


242. Ariana Menu

6x sake crunchy rolls 6x maki kappa 2x nigiri sake 6x maki sake 1x mixed salad


244. Gado Gado Menu

6x maki kappa 6x maki avocado 8x veggie inside out 1x mixed salad


245. Best Friends Menu

for 2 people 6x maki sake 6x maki kappa 2x nigiri sake 2x nigiri maguro 8x California inside out 6x sake crunchy rolls 4x sashimi sake 2x mixed salads


247. Oji Long and The City Menu

for 4 people 6x maki sake 6x maki kappa 6x maki avocado 6x maki tekka 8x nigiri mix 8x sake inside-out 8x California inside-out 8x red dragon rolls 6x kani crunchy rolls 1x sake blume 2x nigiri maguro 2x nigiri salmon 4x mix-salads



1. Nemtastic

2 pieces crispy baked dumplings filled with glass noodles, vegetables, morels and minced pork, with lime-fish vinaigrette


2. Baby-Rolls

6 pieces crispy wheat dough rolls filled with vegetables, with sweet chilli sauce


3. Crispy Pocket

crispy baked dumplings filled with pureed chicken breast and prawns, with sweet chilli sauce


4. Almost Nude

4 pieces steamed flour dumplings with minced prawns and soy sauce


5. Gyoza

5 pieces spicy baked dumplings filled with vegetables, with unagi sauce


6. Yakitori

marinated chicken skewers with fresh salad and unagi sauce


7. Edamame

cooked Japanese green beans


8. Season Green River

fresh seasonal vegetables and tofu strips in a fine mushroom broth, sprinkled with coriander


9. Cocobay

spicy coconut milk soup with chicken breast fillets, tomatoes and champignons, garnished with fresh coriander


10. Wildwater

fiery red, spicy shrimp and lemongrass soup is refined with champignons, tomatoes and coriander


11. Endless Love

a tender broth with fine seasonal vegetables, various herbs and wonton dumplings filled with prawns and chicken


15. Summer Rolls

2 pieces fresh summer rolls with prawns, salad and rice noodles


16. Karaage

crispy fried and marinated chicken with sweet and sour sauce according to Japanese style


17. Ebi Tempura

2 pieces deep-fried prawns coated in liquid batter, with unagi sauce



20. Havest Gold Salad

Vietnamese salad with green mango, shrimp, soybean sprouts, carrots, fresh coriander, roasted peanuts and homemade lime dressing, also possible without dressing if desired


21. Genus Carica

a delicious raw vegetable salad with thinly sliced crunchy green papaya, carrots, mint and peanuts


23. Wakame Salad

pickled seaweed with sesame seeds



each portion contains 6 pieces and all maki are served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger

50. Maki Sake

with Lachs


51. Maki Tekka

with tuna


52. Maki Unagi

with grilled eel


53. Maki California

with surimi and avocado


54. Maki Ebi-Avo

with cooked prawns and avocado


55. Maki Maguro Special

with tuna tartare, leek and chilli sauce


57. Maki Oji Long Baby

spicy with crab and mayonnaise


58. Maki Lachs-Avo

with salmon and avocado


60. Maki Inari

Japanese tofu pocket


61. Maki Avocado

with avocado and sesame


62. Maki Kappa

with cucumber strips, cream cheese and sesame



each portion contains 2 pieces and all nigiri are served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger

70. Nigiri Sake

with salmon


71. Nigiri Maguro

with tuna


72. Nigiri Unagi

with grilled eel


74. Nigiri Ebi

with cooked prawns


77. Nigiri Inari

Japanese tofu pocket


78. Nigiri Avocado


79. Nigiri Sake Aburi

with flambéed salmon and avocado


80. Nigiri Maguro Aburi

with flambéed tuna and avocado



each portion contains 8 pieces and all rolls are served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger

90. Sake Inside-Out

with salmon, avocado and masago


91. Maguro Inside-Out

with tuna, cucumbers, avocado and masago


92. California Inside-Out

with surimi, avocado, mayonnaise and masago


93. Tiger Inside-Out

with cooked prawns, avocado and masago


94. Oji Long Inside-Out

slightly spicy with crab meat, cucumber, avocado, leek, masago and mayonnaise


95. Maguro Special Inside-Out

with tuna tartare, cucumbers, leek and sesame