O'Tacos - Munich Viktualienmarkt

French Tacos in town!


A build-your-own French taco consisting of your choice of meat, your choice of sauce and your choice of extras. This French Taco is served with delicious French fries and our legendary cheese sauce

The BBQ Taco

A French taco with a cordon bleu, fries, cheese sauce, and a delicious smoky barbecue sauce



The Samourai-Nugget Taco

A French taco with 10 of our classic chicken nuggets, fries, cheese sauce and our popular Samourai sauce with chili, combined with 2 deep fried cheese balls.



The Classic Taco

A French taco with 5 chicken nuggets, French fries, cheese sauce, 2 chicken tenders and Algerian sauce, combined with cheddar cheese



The Crispy Taco

A French taco with 1 cordon bleu, 5 chicken nuggets, French fries, cheese sauce, burger sauce and fried onions



French Fries

The ideal side dish



Chicken Tenders

Delicious crispy chicken breast fillets with your choice of sauce



Chicken Nuggets

Classic chicken nuggets with a sauce of your choice


Chilli and Cheese Nuggets

6 pieces Delicious fried cheese balls with a sauce of your choice


Big Box

A party box with chicken nuggets, chicken tenders and chilli & cheese nuggets. Perfect to eat with friends or to enjoy alone!



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O'Tacos has quickly become one of the most popular restaurant chains in France, with a unique style of French tacos that has made them so famous in France. The O'Tacos delivery service offers you many options. Choose a tortilla with your choice of four delicious meat fillings, all halal certified and topped with your favourite sauces. There are countless combinations to guarantee there's something for every palate. Find out what it's all about and get the incredible food from O'Tacos delivered straight to your door! Seller: Company: Wolt Enterprises Deutschland GmbH, Address: Stralauer Allee 6, 10245 Berlin, Representative: Aksana Lukyanenka-Sarac, Trade register number: HRB 217122 B, Register court: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, E-Mail: support@wolt.com


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