Žirnio krautuvėlė (Linkmenų g.)

Everything in the "Žirnio krautuvėlė" is real and delicious!

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Mėsos gaminiai


Chorizo dešrelės kepimui, 300 g


Sūdyti lietuviški lašiniai, ~200 g

In order to find and select the highest quality meat and meat products, bread, cakes, biscuits, cheese, honey and other natural and real products for your table, we cooperate only with exclusive small Lithuanian producers who love their products.

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Linkmenų g. 22

LT-08217 Vilnius

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Monday11:15 AM–7:45 PM
Tuesday11:15 AM–7:45 PM
Wednesday11:15 AM–7:45 PM
Thursday10:15 AM–7:45 PM
Friday10:15 AM–7:45 PM
Saturday10:15 AM–7:45 PM
Sunday11:15 AM–4:45 PM