Gaļas Bode

Gaļas bode is a meat concept store, where we offer purchased fresh and high-quality meat products, additives for meat dishes - for the everyday and festive table!

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Svaiga liellopa gaļa


Liellopa maltā gaļa 20%

500 g€0.98/100g

Teļa maltā gaļa

500 g€1.18/100g

Liellopa šķiņķis

500 g€1.55/100g

Liellopa lāpstiņa

500 g€1.29/100g

Liellopa antrekots

500 g€1.51/100g

Liellopa fileja

1.2 kg€1.85/100g

Teļa gaļas ribas

1 kg€0.67/100g

Liellopa stilbi škēlēs"Osso buco", 2 gab.

800 g€0.86/100g

Liellopa zupas izlase

1 kg€0.32/100g

Liellopa aknas

1 kg€0.40/100g

Liellopa vaigi, 2 gab.

800 g€1.72/100g

Liellopa mēle 1 gab.

1 kg€1.10/100g

Liellopa sirds, 1 gab.

1 kg€0.48/100g

Liellopa stobra kauls, 1gab.

250 g€0.48/100g

Gaļas Bode ensures that customers have the opportunity to buy the freshest, best quality beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken and game meat, as well as various meat products produced by the Rēzekne meat factory at the most favorable prices in Cēsis and its surroundings. A special offer is DRY-aged beef steaks, which we obtain by maturing the beef for at least 4 weeks. But that's not all - in the Meat Bode you will find not only meat products, but also everything that goes perfectly with meat - spices, sauces and what is needed for meat processing - knives, burger forms. We support ours! In the Meat Bode, you will find meat grown on Latvian farms, as well as spices and sauces from Oak'a BBQ and Kalnapalte. We have made sure that everyone can find what they like. Everyone will be full - family, friends and even four-legged pets! We all eat and we are convinced that in order to live well, we must eat well.

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LV-4101 Cēsis

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