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Aurora Gift Set Bouquet, Rose

440 ml€48.84/l

Aurora Men Gift Set, Shaving Retro

480 ml€44.77/l

Aurora Men Gift Set, Shower Amber

500 ml€49.98/l

Aurora Men Gift Set, White Musk

700 ml€30.70/l

Aurora Men Gift Set, Shaving Casino

300 ml€71.63/l

Aurora Men Gift Set, Shaving Casino

500 ml€41.28/l

Beauty products on your doorstep – HS is one of the leading Perfumery and Cosmetic Stores on the island. Our aim is to offer an enormous selection of products either for yourself or as a beautiful gift whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other holiday. We strive to keep our assortment abreast with the latest local and international trends selling all original perfumes, make-up and other related accessories. We believe in a fair pricing strategy, which we monitor and upkeep constantly to ensure that we offer the most competitive prices on the market to our customers


HS Perfumeries, Main Street Shopping Complex, Pjazzza De Paule, Rahal Gdid

PLA 1267 Malta

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