Keksarna Brodnjak

Homemade sweetness, crafted with love for your joy

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Linške oči (400 g)


Polnozrnate linške oči (400 g)


Slane listnate palčke (200 g)

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Tris keksi brez sladkorja (350 g)


Orehovi rogljički ročno delo (200 g)


Čokolešnik rogljički ročno delo (200 g)


Borovničeve blazinice ročno delo (300 g)


Išler keksi (380 g)


Išler gourmet z maslom (250 g)


Ajdovi keksi z orehi in maslom (250 g)


Domači keksi (400 g)


Mešani domači keksi (600 g)

  • Sold out

Čajni masleni keksi (350 g)


Čokoladni čajni keksi z maslom (300 g)


Janeževi upognjenci (130 g)

We are a family-owned business that has been sweetening celebrations, birthdays, weddings, and everyday moments for 30 years.

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Metelkova ulica 26

2000 Maribor

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