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Zaros Water 6x1.5Lt

1 pc€2.99/pc

Zaros Water 6x500ml

1 pc€1.45/pc

Saint Nikolas Water 1.5L

1.5 kg€0.57/kg

Saint Nikolas Water 500ml

1 pc€0.55/pc
  • Sold out

Saint Nikolas Water Sports Cap 500ml


Kykkos Water 1.5L

1.5 kg€0.57/kg
  • Sold out

Kykkos Water 6x1.5Lt

1 pc€4.10/pc

Kykkos Water 500ml

500 g€1.10/kg

Kykkos Water 12x500ml

1 pc€4.80/pc

Perrier Sparkling Water Bottle 330ml


Party Ice Junior 1Kg


Party Ice Junior 3Kg

Consumers can find a wide range of products and identify key categories such as: tobacco products, calling cards, type, food, beverages, wine cellar, ready meals, cleaners, personal care items, animal feed and more as well as the provision of various services . In addition to the expanded range of categories, products and services, the stores offer continuous offers, reasonable and competitive prices, convenient opening hours.


Griva Digeni, 11, Voroklini

7040 Larnaca

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